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Recently finished with the Inman Aligner and so pleased with the results. It’s so nice to greet people I don’t know with a big smile, instead of worrying about what they will think about my teeth.
The warm and friendly service received by all the staff made this a very pleasant experience.

I completed treatment with the Inman aligners and several months down the line I’m still so happy with the results. I travelled from North Devon as there weren’t many dentists locally with the same kind of experience, and despite the three hour round trip I would definately say it was worth it! Many thanks to Dr Grant and the team for their expertise.

I have recently completed my dental treatment with Dr Grant and I must say I had a brilliant experience. Dr Grant and his team were very helpful and friendly, ensuring I understood the dental plan etc before going ahead with the treatment. Dr Grant took the treatment step by step, ensuring that I was completely happy with the result with no rush! I am very happy with the final result, having spent most of my childhood ashamed of my smile I can now say I am more confident and I have a smile that I am proud of.
Thank you Dr Grant for your time and effort!

I decided to go ahead with treatment for implants after discussing with Grant and my family.  After some consultations it was agreed that i wpould benefit from the treatment and I went ahead.  Throughout the process I was treated with respect being kept informed of the progress and what to expect. It has made a big difference to me from my smile to my confidence when eating out.  I am really happy with the outcome and would do it all again.  It was definitley money well spent for me.

Dr Grant is amazing!  I have a great fear of the dentist but eventually had to go as my two upper front crowns needed replacing.  Dr Grant put me completely at ease at every visit, he made it clear in advance exactly what was going to happen, he ensured I never experienced any pain - completely different to my experience with other Dentists.  I mentioned to him that I had always hated my bottom front teeth and more so in recent years as they had become more and more crooked, he said he could straighten them which I found hard to believe as my two previous Dentists and an Orthodontist said this was not possible without having at least one extraction, probably two.  Dr Grant assured me that within 12 weeks this could be achieved with the Inman brace so I went ahead and I am so delighted with the results.  As promised I now have lovely straight teeth on the bottom, two new crowns which look brilliant, and had all my teeth whitened.  Dr Grant is a complete perfectionist and made sure I left with a smile I am very proud of.  In addition I knew exactly what it would cost from the word go and in fact it ended up costing me £300 less than he had estimated.  I truly cannot recommend him and his team highly enough.  Go to him - you will not regret it.

Dr Grant McAree is a fantastic dentist. Having never had braces as a teen, I wasn’t keen on getting fixed braces as an adult; the Inman Aligner, luckily, proved perfect. Within a few months my teeth were vastly improved, and McAree’s great eye for proportion finished them off perfectly. I’m looking forward to smiling without covering my mouth, finally!

So,so pleased with the result!
My new crowns are wonderful,just lovely being able to have a super smile again.
A great result, giving me so much more confidence.
Lovely job.
Thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!
Lost for words.
Best wishes for the future.

So so so thrilled with my new teeth! Dr Grant, you are fantastic. I thoroughly recommend a visit to The Whyte House if you’ve always wanted a confident smile. I had wanted to straighten my teeth for years and Dr Grant was the only dentist that I have met who understood exactly what I wanted, without me having to even explain! And the results have been fantastic. My teeth look so natural and exactly how I’d always wanted them. The whole of the staff are brilliant and made me feel so relaxed even with my nerves from previous experiences with other dentists. Can’t recommend it enough. Thank you, I can’t stop smiling!

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